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website: "ed2k.2x4u.de", keyword: "edonkey2000 server list"

Title: server.met - Server List for eDonkey and eMule

Description: server.met server list for eDonkey and eMule (Serverliste für eDonkey und eMule)

ed2k.2x4u.de is located on a DE server with IP address:

ed2k.2x4u.de gets 620.24K page visits per month from search engines via organic keywords. ed2k.2x4u.de's SE organic traffic cost could be evaluated as $955.48K (this means the sum of money siteowner would pay for such traffic if it's bought in PPC systems).

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Razorback 2.0 * * !****SoftShare 8** >**usersO***files=( **Φ ...

Description: File Format: Unrecognized - View as HTML
Url: http://ed2k.2x4u.de/3oepir64/micro/server.met

&k5***** Fort Knox****Fort Knox Server** ***usersΦ:***filesh] ...

Description: File Format: Unrecognized - View as HTML
Url: http://ed2k.2x4u.de/sfub3ch9/max/server.met

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