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website: "notaries.dos.state.fl.us", keyword: "how to become a public notary in florida"

Title: Florida Division of Corporations - Notary Commissions and Apostille ...

Description: Florida Department of State ... Mailing Address: Department of State Division of Corporations

notaries.dos.state.fl.us is located on a US server with IP address:

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Businesslicenses.com: Business License, Get Every Business License Online 1-800-679-3611 California (CA) Business License, Florida (FL) Occupational License, Washington state Business License

Description: Get every state and local Business License online now. Our Business License services include research, filing, audit and all other Business License needs.

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Floridanotary.org: Florida Notary | New FL Notary Course and Renewal

Description: State of Florida required course for new Notaries and Renewals. Notaries in Florida are needed when contracts are signed, and can even perform civil marriage ceremonies.

Nationalnotary.org: National Notary Association: Become a Notary, Renew your Notary commission, Notary training, Notary supplies, Learn How to become a Notary, Notary classes

Description: The National Notary Association (NNA) is committed to the education and support of U.S. Notaries as they carry out their vital role in protecting the public from fraud.

Notarypublic.com: NOTARY PUBLIC .COM - The National Registry of Notaries

Description: NOTARY PUBLIC .COM - The National Registry of Notaries. Find a Notary Public, Become a Notary Public, Notary Public Classes, Notary Public Stamps, Notary Public Forums, Notary Public Membership is FREE!

Sos.mt.gov: Welcome to the Montana Secretary of State's Website

Description: Welcome to the Montana Secretary of State's online office! The Secretary of State is responsible for the filing of records for businesses and corporations, ...

Stateofflorida.com: State of Florida.com - State of Florida Information Portal

Description: Your source for Florida Information becauseā€¦ It's Your Florida

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Floridanotaryservice.com: Florida Notary Service | Become a Florida Notary

Description: Florida notary supplies and services available online for new or renewing notaries. Learn how to become a notary, renew your notary commission or purchase essential notary supplies online.

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Question and Answer - Notary Education - Florida Department of State

Description: Notary on-line interactive education program, Florida Department of State.
Url: http://notaries.dos.state.fl.us/education/faq/index.html

Notaries Public

Description: Notary ID: 641908. Last Name: Jones. First Name: Carey H. Middle Name: Birth Date: 09/26/25. Transaction Type: NEW. Certificate: CC 279935. Status: EXP ...
Url: http://notaries.dos.state.fl.us/notidsearch.asp?id=641908

Notaries Public

Description: Notary ID: 624484. Last Name: Young. First Name: Ruth A. Middle Name: Birth Date : 05/23/50. Transaction Type: REN. Certificate: CC 584993. Status: EXP ...
Url: http://notaries.dos.state.fl.us/notidsearch.asp?id=624484

Notaries Public

Description: Notary ID: 897351. Last Name: Bailey. First Name: Deborah M. Middle Name: Birth Date: 03/01/64. Transaction Type: REN. Certificate: DD 245078. Status: EXP ...
Url: http://notaries.dos.state.fl.us/notidsearch.asp?id=897351

Notaries Public

Description: Notary ID: 637987. Last Name: JONES. First Name: CHERYL. Middle Name: CAGLE. Birth Date: 03/01/69. Transaction Type: REN. Certificate: CC 812316 ...
Url: http://notaries.dos.state.fl.us/notidsearch.asp?id=637987

Notaries Public

Description: Notary ID: 753364. Last Name: Martin. First Name: John. Middle Name: K. Birth Date: 11/13/61. Transaction Type: NEW. Certificate: CC 567687. Status: EXP ...
Url: http://notaries.dos.state.fl.us/notidsearch.asp?id=753364

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